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Gorby ft Luis Vuitton and a book about Litvinenko

LV came out with a controversial campaign where Mikhail Gorbachev is driven in a limo along the remains of the Berlin Wall. His only companion appears to be a LV bag with some book sticking out.

It is difficult to read the title, but with a bit of magnifying glass one can distinctively see "Убийство Литвиненко: подозреваемого хотели сдать за $7000" ("Murder of Litvinenko - they wanted to give up the suspect for $7,000”).

Gorby didn't mind to compensate for his loss of employment and feature various products, now and then, in the post Soviet Warm Era. Now, Luis Vuitton is bringing him back into the politics. At least, the very fact that Litvinenko's name is in the middle of Annie Leibovitz's shot is enough to give a second thought that the message is only about the branded luggage.

If you want to keep the ad for the sake of history, you can hunt it down in all major papers, such as The Economist or New York Times.

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