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HSBC passport

Since the very beginning of its existance, HSBC was a truly international bank. In 2004, after the EU enlargement, it didn't miss an opportunity to catch up with the market when hundred thousands migrants stormed the United Kingdom from all over the Europe and other place of the world too.

The bank had launched its "HSBC passport" campaign targeting newcomers and offering them a decent and fast service, while other British banks just missed the clients frustrating them with monthly delays and so typical and apathetic service.

The ads greeted the visitors from the very London airports down to the City. Right approach, right niche, and right execution. No wonder, HSBC is now on the top of the bank branding ladder despite all the turmoils and credit crunch.

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  1. yes indeed. the ads is right approach, right niche, and right execution.
    i like the way they put the idea for this ads. simple, up to the point and really convincing.

  2. And I know they are quite successful in the UK.