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The power of wind

Wind power, despite being uneconomical and unsustainable, creates good awareness. Time ago we featured Vestas for their flashy ads.

Now EPURON has released a new, deep and philosophical, yet a bit sentimental, two-minute video:

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Spoken with French accent of Quasimodo:

I think I was always misunderstood

People just didn't seem to like me

I think I know them, I got in their nose

I don't know why

But just the way it was


Maybe I was too intense

Maybe I am just too strong

I don't know

I cannot say


It was,

But you, you get used to it after a while

And then, one day, everything changed
Somebody accepted me for what I am

Since I landed in this job life is different

I feel useful, good at something

The Wind.

Let's put his energy to good use.

EPURON - Investing in wind energy

In association with the German ministry for the environment German marketeers did learn the lesson from the French.

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  1. Marko said

    Good ad, should be featured on